The Range at Ballantyne is a state of the art indoor firing range, offering the latest in shooting technology.

The Range is has 3 shooting bays. Bay 1 is a 25 yard, 5 lane, rifle rated bay, capable of handling rifle, pistol and shotgun. Rifle shooters can shoot up to a .338 Lapua. All calibers of handguns and revolvers, and shotgun either slug or Federal Flite control buck shot may be shot in these lanes. Standard down and back target carriers, utilizing Target hangers to keep our guests from incurring equipment damage fees.

Bay 2 is a 15 yard, 5 lane, pistol rated bay, allowing up to a 44 magnum. This bay allows handgun shooters to shoot at distances that are consistent with state law for personal protection outside the home.

Bay 3 is a 25 yard, 8 lane full tactical bay, utilizing the state of the art Mancom target system. These lanes are used for classes and for tactical and law enforcement training and law enforcement qualification, as well as for advanced shooters.  These lanes are equipped with the ability to provide blue light, low light and no light shooting.  These lanes also allow our guests to advance forward of the firing line for training under RSO supervision.  As well as allowing qualified customers to draw from the holster.  Check with our staff on how to use our advanced Mancom system.

Our facility is equipped with a simulator system from TI Systems, a state of the art classroom, public wifi throughout, and a members lounge to relax and enjoy your time with family, friends and new shooting friends.