Purchase a Firearm

At The Range we assist customers from both North and South Carolina in the acquisition of firearms, as well as through out the US on our website.  Many people are not aware of the process to purchase a firearm in our two states.  The following attempts to give a brief explanation of the process.

South Carolina is rather easy as far as the process is concerned.  To purchase a handgun or long gun in SC you are required to have either a Concealed carry permit, or have an instant background check done.  If you do not have a concealed carry permit, The firearms dealer will have you fill out an ATF form 4473.  Once this is filled out, the dealer will perform a NICs background check.

The NICs background check will bring back one of three results: Approved, the purchase can continue; Delayed – the purchase can not continue until an approval comes back, or the waiting period expires (this varies by dealer); Denied – the sale is denied.

If the purchaser has a concealed carry permit, the purchaser will fill out a form 4473 and the purchase will commence.

All purchasers must have a valid government id, such as a driver’s license and reside in SC for pistol purchases.  There are other acceptable forms of id, contact The Range for details.

If you are a North Carolina resident, the same regulations and processes apply as above for the purchase of a long gun (rifle or shotgun).  If you are purchasing a handgun in NC you are required to have either a concealed carry permit or a pistol purchase permit.  No NICs background check will be run for a pistol purchase.

All purchasers must have a valid government id as well and the address must match the address on your permit.

Long Guns can be purchased in a state other than your state of residence.  Ie: NC residents can purchase a long gun in SC and vice versa.  If you have a concealed carry permit, your concealed carry permit is valid to purchase handguns only in your state of residence.  If you are purchasing a pistol in a state other than your state of residence, the pistol must be shipped/transferred to a licensed dealer in your state for you to pickup.

Some people have acquired non-resident CCW permits.  While these do allow you to legally carry concealed in certain states, these permits are not valid permits for purchasing.