Repair services

Following are costs for Firearms services at The Range

Basic Cleanings

Revolvers                                                                                                      starts at        $25

Polymer Frames                                                                                         starts at        $30

1911’s/metal frames                                                                                 starts at        $40

All AR platform and long guns                                                                starts at        $50

Rush cleaning – cleaned the same day dropped off                         add $45.00 to cleaning fee

Ultrasonic Cleanings

Handguns                                                                                                                             $60

Long guns                                                                                                                             $70

Sights and Sighting in Firearms

Sighting in                                                                                                    starts at        $40 *

*plus cost of ammunition (sold by the box)

Install handgun sights                                                                               starts at        $45

all sights purchased from one of our locations will be installed at no cost

All other work $45 per hour, minimum 1-hour charge

Any ammo or parts are not included in these costs